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Custom T Shirts ??? A Great Gift

It???s a common misconception that customized T shirts do not make a good gift. You just have to know how to personalize them with the right design and color. In fact, they can make a wonderful gift for a group of people. Custom T shirts serve as great souvenirs at corporate events or at kids??? birthday parties. There are several t shirt printing Charleston SC services that can cater to your requirements and help you create the perfect memento for your guests or employees.


How to customize them effectively? A few simple details can turn an uninteresting T shirt into a cherished keepsake.


Know the details

There is nothing more annoying than giving women oversized men???s T shirts with collars. If you have female employees or guests, make sure you personalize a set for them. In fact, it would be better if you have an idea of each person???s size requirements to make sure the T shirts are a good fit.


No compromises with quality

The only things that can make custom T shirts tacky are poor quality material and printing. A good quality T shirt can easily become your favorite exercise shirt or your favorite Super Bowl T shirt. A poor quality one finds its way to the trash sooner than later. This criterion has to top your list when choosing a t shirt printing Charleston SC service.


Say no to flashy designs and colors

Steer clear of loud and tedious prints and colors. It???s also a good idea to keep the use of the company logo to a minimum. For instance, you can place a small logo on the left chest instead of a big logo that occupies the entire back of the T shirt. If you intend to print any words, use a stylish font rather than the standard bold ones.


Start your own trend

If you intend to use the T shirts during office retreats, you can design the T shirts around the same theme. Selecting a common design suggested by the printer takes away from the concept of custom printing.


Similarly for kids, you can use the party???s theme as the idea for your design.


Keeping these details in mind, you can visit a t shirt printing Charleston SC store that offers you quality fabrics, an array of colors and good quality printing facilities to customize your T shirts.


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