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What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration is a process by which damaged photographs can be restored. There could be a number of reasons behind the damage like age, long term neglect, environmental damage or accidental damage. Whatever be the reason for damage, simply visit a photo restoration Charleston SC store and transform your old photos to their former glory.


Benefits of Photo Restoration

Photographs are all you will have left of your past apart from your limited memory. Memories fade but the advances in technology will make sure that your photographs stay immortal. This is exactly where photo restoration services can help you.


Photo restoration will protect your photographs from further damage. Before your old photographs are literally ???lost in time???, take them to a digital restoration store. A range of image editing processes are applied to remove signs of damage and reverse the age spots in photos.


Professionals use a computerized program called Raster Graphic Editor, which allows them to edit and retouch photos and then save them in different formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF or TIFF. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks are also used by the professionals to recreate faded images.


Unwanted yellow casts which accumulate over photos are removed painstakingly in photo restoration Charleston SC studios and you photograph will come back rejuvenated and fresher.


Photo restoration services can also enhance photos apart from restoring them. If you want commercial photo enhancement for your advertising campaign and do not have sufficient resources to finance shooting and hire models, a restoration studio is a cheaper and efficient option.


You can also opt for photo recreation for enhancing your favorite clicks. For example, if you would like to frame and display some of your favorite personal photographs, opt for digital enhancement (photo recreation). Photo recreation services will add graphics and design features to make your ordinary picture look extra ordinary.


How to choose a photo restoration service?

Simply get help online and find out a store nearest to your area. Next, visit the store and show them the photograph that needs restoration. Visiting in person means that you will be able to check out the technical capability of the photo studio.


Choose a photo restoration Charleston SC studio that offers a wide range of services. You should also check out samples of their work before hiring them. Ask for a package deal which includes all the services that you want. Package deals are usually cheaper than standalone services.


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