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Photo Mugs ??? A Great Personalized Gift Idea

Confused about choosing a gifting option that is both personal and practical? Choose a photo mug. Photo mugs are a great way to make a person begin his day with a smile. An item of daily use, mugs become more personalized and unique when you add a picture on them.

Printing a photograph that conveys that you care, on a mug, can do wonders to a friend who is feeling down or a relative who is recuperating or even a partner who is upset with you. A photo mug serves as an everyday reminder of your affection.


Birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine???s Day are some more occasions when you can make someone feel loved with a warm and stylish gift.

Why restrict your thinking to merely personal relations when it comes to gifting? Photo mugs can be given to the star employee of the month or the best performer in a hobby class as a mark of appreciation and encouragement.


Selecting a picture

Selecting a suitable photograph for your preferred mug is the most vital and difficult part of gifting a photo mug.

For instance, if you are gifting a mug to a kid, then his favorite cartoon character would make his day whereas for a newly married couple, a picture straight from the wedding album would hold a special place in their lives.


While choosing a photo mug Charleston SC store, bear in mind factors like colors of mugs, different shapes and sizes of mugs, price and preference of the receiver.


Whatever the material, you can print a photograph that has been taken from even your cellphone or camera, to add a personal touch. A newborn baby, scan of old pictures from grandfather???s album, new bangles, your favorite pair of old jeans, grandma???s special Christmas cake, 30th wedding anniversary pictures, school farewell party, first stage performance of favorite nephew ??? all find their treasured place on a suitable mug or cup.


Types of Mugs

You can choose from a variety of mugs, like cute coffee mugs, dual colored mugs, hip beer mugs, trendy mugs with decorative shapes and handles, and delicate bone China mugs from a reputed photo mugs Charleston SC store to make the mug more personalized.


Format of photos

You can go to the photo mugs Charleston SC store or visit the store???s website and place your order online and send any format of a single picture or groups of 4 or more photographs from your picture collection. The pictures could be in TIFF, JPEG and GIF in RGB or CMYK format. You can even bring a scanned image of an old photograph for printing on a mug. For a good quality output, ensure that the pictures are at least 150 DPI in resolution.

So, show how much you care, in style, with a personalized photo mug that speaks of your preference, sensitivity and eye for detail.


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