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Photo Enlargement Options

Special memories deserve to be kept alive. Perhaps that is the reason for the recent growth in popularity of enlarged photographs. Enlarged prints are a great way to brighten up your home and lining space. Another popular use of enlarged photographs is in banner ads and commercial posters.


A process called Photo enlargement is used by photo enlargements Charleston SC stores for creating larger than life images or bigger specially altered images. These studios offer photo enlargement services like poster prints, matte prints, metallic prints and enlarged split prints.


Life sized Poster Prints

You can print your favorite memories to ???life??? size by enlarging them in various size options. Enlargement options normally start from 10*13 and go up to 30*48. Super sized photos are also printed on demand and you can even print an image up to 4 feet long.


These prints can be ordered via e mail too, which makes the process simpler and faster. You can simply log in to a website of a particular photo enlargements Charleston SC store and navigate to the right section.


The next step is to scan and submit your sample print online before filling up the online order sheet. Your order can be ready as early as 24 hours depending upon your requirement.


Stand Out with a Stand up Banner

If you have a business event coming up and you want to gather maximum public attention, you can get a stand up banner from photo enlargements Charleston SC Store. These kinds of banners are printed on strong and durable base material with a prop up stand.


These banners will create an amazing backdrop for events like anniversaries, graduation nights, wedding parties and retail openings. You can get your banner made in horizontal or vertical orientations. You can also choose between high gloss metallic finish and soothing anti glare matte finish.


Scrap books and collage prints

Collage prints consist of multiple photographs merged together in an attractive manner. You can order collage prints at your nearest photo enlargements Charleston SC store to recreate several memories in one large print.


You have to keep the occasion and the color back drop in mind before choosing a collage design. You can even ask the assistants at the photo enlargements Charleston SC store to create a digital scrap book for you. This scrap book is cheaper, damage proof, highly customizable and attractive.


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