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Framing Your Photographs with Custom Matting ??? Tips and Ideas

Nothing enhances the beauty of photographs more than a photo frame. The kind of framing option you choose actually changes the whole look of your photograph. One way to enhance the visual appeal of your favorite photographs is to get them framed with custom matting. Custom matting Charleston SC stores offer a wide range of matting services.


What is custom matting and what are its benefits?

Custom mattes are formed when a photograph is bound to a map board which has a large pre cut area cleared for inserting the photograph to the back of the matt board with archival tape/framing.


Custom matting Charleston SC stores use a variety of textures, finishes and colors. Apart from visual enhancement, custom matting offers other benefits.


The matt layer ensures that there is a gap between the glass and the actual photograph at all times. So there is no danger of the photo getting stuck to the glass because of humidity or dust.


Matting helps to provide an area devoid of visual clutter around the photograph. If you are arranging a lot of photographs on one wall, choosing matted photographs will make them look more spaced out and you can reduce visual confusion.


Getting your photographs custom matted gives them a longer life and also makes them easy on the eye. Matted photographs are anti glare and you won???t find any traces of hard spots of light (which tend to irritate the eye) on it.


Creative ideas for matting

Use your imagination and you can think of several good highly customized matte options. For example, if you are framing a photo for a music concert, you can ask the assistants to include images of musical notes in the photo so that the whole piece looks like a part of a composition.


If you are getting custom matting done for your home, think hard about what will suit the color scheme of your walls. You can get custom mattes in brighter hues if your walls are muted and black and white matte frames for livelier walls. If you have flowery curtains (and you want your matted photos in that room), you can ask the assistants at custom matting Charleston SC stores to render similar floral themes for your photos.


Your mattes can be suede styled, grainy or smooth depending on the look you want. The thickness of the matting will change the look of the photo and so will the area. Don???t choose overwhelmingly big matte frames as they are likely to overshadow your photographs.


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