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How to Choose a Custom Frame?

Photo frames can be classic or traditional wooden frames with carvings, modern or contemporary frames in metallic type and minimalistic in just a part of the frame being visible in the artwork. The minimalistic look can look good in any room because of its versatility and suits traditional as well as modern art usually complementing all kinds of d??cor. Discuss with the staff at a custom framing Charleston SC store for help with choosing the ideal frame.


You can add variety by experimenting with frames or matte colors to add a new meaning to your artworks without taking spotlight away from the artwork. Custom made frames should be of supportive or complementing nature, never an imposing one.


Match the matte color with the main color of the artwork???s background

The matte color and the main background color of your artwork should match. In outdoor art pieces where there is a scenic location or a model painted in a park or a child playing with swings, you should stick to basic things like sky and grass as background color to add more depth to your artwork.


Don???t mix the furniture with your artwork

Your artwork is not a part of the d??cor or furniture range. Art piece is meant to reflect your personality and your sense of individuality. Don???t choose a matte color that gels with the sofa linen or curtains as it would make the art piece stick out for being smaller.


Choose a stylish custom picture frame

There is no thumb rule in selecting frame material but generally speaking, metals in sleek finish and plastics that lend softness to the picture enhance the piece of art. For traditional landscapes, it is better to go for wooden or metallic frames. Most custom framing Charleston SC stores have samples of frames that you can easily place around your picture to decide on the final look.


You could try experimenting with the frames instead of going for the clich??d looks. Instead of choosing matte colors, use double frames with plexiglass in between. The wall will show through the picture providing a different streak to your space. This style looks good in both wall frames and desktop frames.


Select the style you want in the frame

Once you???ve decided the kind of custom frame you want, select a suitable style of frame from a custom framing Charleston SC store. For instance, a family portrait and classic, wooden frame go well together but a holiday picture looks appealing in a sleek frame.


Whether for personal use or gifting option, a custom frame makes an individual statement for enhancing your home or office d??cor, reflecting your persona and lending a different appeal or value to the pictures or artworks


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