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Turn Your Memories into Art with Canvas Prints

Sometimes you must have stopped by to admire a stunning piece of art only to discover that the object in question is only a canvas printed photo with an exquisite design. Canvas prints are made by printing the selected image onto canvas and then stretching/wrapping the print unto a specially designed frame.


The beautiful reproductions of the works of masters like Michelangelo, Botticelli etc that you stop by to admire in curio/art shops are most probably canvas prints. Another common use of canvas prints is to convert your favorite personal clicks into images resembling acrylic paintings.


Types of Canvases

There are two major kinds of canvases available in the printing market ??? cotton and polyester. Cotton canvas is constructed using small cotton fibers while polyester aims at replicating the look of cotton canvases.


The difference can be likened to owning a pair of original Jimmy Choo shoes and owning a very good copy of the brand. The original (cotton canvas) is bound to last longer and is more expensive while polyester canvas is an economical option which tends to wear out soon.


Be careful to check with your canvas prints Charleston SC store whether they use cotton canvases as many companies try to cut on costs by using polyester.


Tips to follow while ordering canvas prints

Before you contact a canvas prints Charleston SC store for canvas prints, you would do well to remember certain points.


Use superior quality photos as canvas prints look lousy on low resolution photos. If you are getting your photographs mounted, remember that any defects will also be highlighted. Choose pictures that have good resolution and are taken by a powerful camera.


Some canvas prints Charleston SC stores offer post processing services for visual enhancement of your photographs. Only you can understand the standard of enhancement that your photograph needs, so it???s better to process your photographs at home using standard photo editing tools before sending it to the store.


Check whether the alignment of your photographs is perfect. You can choose from a variety of options like mirrored images, wrapped images and colored borders.


Canvas prints can have slightly different color tones so it???s necessary to adjust the hues on the original photograph before getting it printed.


Lastly and most importantly, don???t forget to preview your photograph before getting it printed at a canvas printing Charleston SC store.


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