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The Magic of Black and White Photos

Black and white photographs have a timeless appeal. They bring into focus the emotional aspects of the subjects. Beautifully rendered black and white photography is quite dramatic and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.


A black and white photo taken with expertise may become a work of art if the prints are developed appropriately. You may give your specifications to a b&w film processing Charleston SC shop for getting great prints. Considering a few aspects while taking a picture may serve well to bring about a remarkable shot.


Know when to Shoot

Black and white pictures are best taken in dim light conditions. In other words, an overcast sky provides an ideal background for outdoor black and white photography. Go out with your camera on a gloomy day to practice on different subjects. You will be amazed at the remarkable shots in poor lighting conditions.


Click in RAW

If your camera has the RAW feature, it is a good idea to use it for black and white photography. RAW is a raw or an unprocessed image file, which contains a minimal amount of processed data. A picture taken in the RAW mode can be modified using very precise adjustment techniques to derive extraordinary results. You may discuss with the professionals at a b&w film processing Charleston SC store about your print requirements.


Use the Pattern and Texture Features

The pattern and texture features are of greater significance in black and white photography as compared to color photography as the black and white snaps do not have any color to distract the viewer. These features go on to add to the dimensions of the picture and lend it richness. Use the features to get the desired effect.


Use Lights to get the Contrast

You may use lights at essential locations to bring out the contrast while taking black and white pictures. This is particularly of great help for shooting indoors. A good contrast makes for a detailed picture. Anyone viewing the photograph will be able to distinguish items more clearly. The correct use of light makes the composition interesting. For instance, if you arrange for a light at the side of a subject, you will get dark shadows in the photograph.


Use of ISO

The ISO number in photography indicates how sensitive the image sensor is to the light. A camera set at a high ISO value enables you to take pictures at low light. Unfortunately, in black and white photography, a high value of ISO makes the print look grainy. It is recommended that you take black and white pictures with the least value of ISO.


Use a polarizer

A polarizer can be used on sunny days to cut some of the reflections of sunlight from reflective surfaces like water. This enhances the picture quality and the clarity of the images.


The Use of Software for Printing

Using a camera with proficiency is the first step towards having a great photograph. It is equally important that prints be produced with great care and expertise. Various applications are used to develop the prints. A reliable b&w film processing Charleston SC store will have superior knowledge of the use of software applications for getting remarkable prints.


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